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Arcadia University

For the past 20 or so years, Arcadia University has depended on Delran Builders to assist with the design, construction and outfitting of not only our most important signature buildings, but many smaller and equally difficult and complex projects on Campus.  When one considers the award winning Landman Library, the equally impressive Brubaker / Easton Halls with their award winning water feature, or our most recently constructed University Commons, Delran Builders played a critical and prominent role insuring that our precious University dollars had been wisely, carefully and thoughtfully spent to great effect.  High quality craftsmanship, Management and exceptional results are the end product of their many years of labor here at Arcadia.

There is simply no way I can fully describe, in a short amount of space, the many positive contributions Delran and its folks have made to the betterment of this University.  They have been more than partners; they have become stakeholders in our success.  Many of their personnel have worked on our Campus for many years, so much so that they have become well known, well liked, and respected by the Campus Community.  I think that being considered (fondly) a full member of the Arcadia Family says the most about their long lasting legacy at this institution.


Thomas J. Macchi

Arcadia University

Chief Facilities Officer

Facilities Management and Capital Planning


Genesis Healthcare

As you know I have been associated with Delran Builders for the past 8 years in my role as VP of Property Management for Genesis Healthcare. We are a post-acute care provider with centers in numerous states included Delran’s service area of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We contract out much of our renovation work to include most of our engineered work and some of our cosmetic work.

We bid every job with no less than 3 contractors and more often than not Delran wins the bid.

We expect any of our contractors to provide detailed timelines of the project, specific scope of work, organized and detailed layouts, great supervision, regular communications, satisfaction of workmanship, skill in maneuvering workers in an occupied area, compassion for the type of people we serve, financial responsibility,  trustworthiness, limited change orders and I have to say we receive all of these things and more from Delran employees.

Delran has been by far the best overall contractor we have worked with in my years. I am proud to have an association with Delran Builders and all their great people from Chris Chapman to their site supervisors.




Perry Valentine

VP Property Management

Genesis Healthcare Central Southeast Division


Surrey Services

Delran completed the construction of a new, 17,245sf building to house Surrey’s Center for Healthy Living.  The structure was designed to serve as a community gathering place centering on helping older adults create a new world for themselves, to make new friends, enjoy new experiences and to build on a sense of self-worth through involvement in activities and also by helping others.  Delran worked hard to make certain that these values were evident in the final product which was delivered to Surrey.

Amenities included in the space are a café, full commercial kitchen, fitness room, activity rooms, classrooms, computer room and administrative offices.  Delran worked diligently with the architect and owner to ensure that all interior spaces were designed and constructed to function appropriately for the end use of the space.

Architect:            Architetra, Paoli PA


Bryn Mawr College

For the past 15 years, Delran Builders has been our “Go To” firm for a wide range of construction projects.  While they have successfully completed several large capital projects it is their short-notice response to a myriad of smaller projects that has proven to be invaluable to Bryn Mawr College.  Bryn Mawr prides itself on the beauty of its campus and demands the highest quality work in its many historic buildings.  Delran has consistently delivered the goods, never failing to satisfy even the most difficult of customers.  We have many choices when it comes to picking contractors to work on our campus, so it’s a testament to Delran’s consistently high quality work that we continue to turn to them, time after time, especially on jobs where timeliness, high quality, and good value are essential.  A true win-win, long term relationship between owner and contractor is the key to mutual success, and Bryn Mawr College looks forward to continuing that very relationship with Delran Builders for many years to come.”

Glenn R. Smith
Director, Facilities Services


Balford Farms

“Ever since we began working with Delran we have had a tremendous working relationship that ensures us that the projects will be finished on time and on budget,  Whether it was the 20,000sf warehouse addition or overseeing the 100,oosf solar installation, we can relax and know that we are in great hands.  I am confident that our upcoming projects will have the same consistent attention to detail that we have experienced in the past.”

Laurence Bowes
President & CEO


 James Bradberry Architects

“It was a pleasure to work with Delran again, and I have nothing but good things to say about working with Scott. He was extremely easy to work with, communicative, detail oriented, and knowledgeable. In all the jobs I’ve completed with Delran over the years, I have to say, you guys have always met schedule, even under tight circumstances, you do a great job, and you have always been extremely equitable and fair to our clients. It was a pleasure, and I look forward to our next project together, and without hesitation, we will definitely keep you in mind for forthcoming projects.”

Many thanks!
Josh Janisak


Keneseth Israel Synagogue

As Executive Director of KI and previously Main Line Reform Temple, I have participated in three major construction/renovation projects.  With this prior experience it was unexpected that this project would go so smoothly.  I credit Delran with the success of this project due to their attention to detail, their ability to grasp each component of the project and their patience in working with our Building Committee all of which resulted in a smooth process and successful finish.  We had a very tight, short timeframe for completion of the project and due to the Delran teams commitment (the Project Manager himself showed up to assist the synagogue with relocation of their furniture in order to ensure a final product) we had a successful completion.  Our Building Committee has recommended to the Board of Trustees that we hire Delran Builders for all future projects.”

Brian D. Rissinger
Executive Director


American Cancer Society

Hope Lodge Letter of Recommendaion
Garry L. Pincock
Chief Executive Officer

Arcadia University, Glenside, PA

“Presently, Delran Builders is working on an 8.5 million-dollar project for the college.”

“As a very active college with classes and activities taking place in the facility, night and day, we are especially very appreciative that you were able to complete projects using such a flexible schedule. The entire task was completed without interfering with our time or space needs. Delran Builders was faithful to its commitment to satisfy our specification, as we found necessary.”

“Delran Builders’ personnel were pleasant to work with, cooperative, and accommodating throughout the projects. On behalf of the College, we are truly pleased with Delran Builders’ work on all the projects they have completed.”

Hillier Group (Architects for Arcadia University)

“In the past year, Delran Builders has completed two separate, large-scale projects in conjunction with The Hiller Group at this university. We commend the work of your firm on both projects. The project team assembled to complete these projects was of tremendous value. We appreciate their hard work and dedication in working with both us, as the architectural professional, and the owner in completing these projects on time and in a successful manner.”

“We had many challenging obstacles, which had to be overcome to complete these projects. I feel the project team, your firm, ourselves and the owner worked well in projection potential problems, analyzing them and taking the appropriate course of action to react to them.”

“We, at The Hillier Group, look forward to our next opportunity to work with your firm again. We would recommend Delran Builders to any owner.”

ACTS Retirement-Life Communities

“We are pleased to recommend your firm to anyone contemplating the renovation and/or construction of any building particularly any health care related facility.”

“Your attention to detail, quality and certainly cost has allowed our organization to have state of the art facilities delivered by your firm on time and on budget.”

“Please feel free to have anyone of your prospective clients contact us directly for a well earned and complimentary recommendation.”

Bernardon & Associates, Architects

“Over the past several years, I have had please of working with you on two significant projects at Southampton Estates. Both involved complex interrelationships with an existing long-term care facility that remained fully occupied throughout the construction period. In both cases the project went forward with minimal disturbance to the Owner’s routine and finished on time and within the stated budget. Your personnel were considerate of the needs of the Owner and your superior workmanship made the construction process and the resulting building a great success. We look forward to working with you on future projects.”

H.W. Hilles Architects

“It is not often that an architectural firm has the opportunity to express their appreciation to a general contractor. Our firm would like to do so now.”

“At this time we feel compelled to let you know how much we value the exceptional job that you and your firm provide. The quality, professionalism and enthusiasm of your firm continually impress our office. Your project managers and superintendents deserve special commendation for the outstanding jobs they perform. Your cooperation and expertise in the field makes our job easier.”

“We have worked with many general contractors over the years and could recommend none as highly as Delran Builders. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the professional, quality oriented and highly motivated Delran personnel. Our projects with Delran have always produced extremely successful completions, on time and within budget and we thank you for your participation.”

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

“I am taking this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your company for the effort put forth in completing the most recent projects.”

“Your office personnel as well as your field staff are the most dedicated and professional people and it was a pleasure to work with them.”

“From the outset of the projects, (estimating and bidding), to the completion, (punch list), I have never worked with a more thorough and dedicated group of people with one goal in mind, to turn over a quality building on time and on budget.”

“I am looking forward to our working together on many future projects.”

Merck and Co.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Delran Builders, Inc. on various projects over the last few years. I have been completely satisfied with their ability to adjust and meet schedules, their diligent attitude and approach to each project and the personnel who run the projects from both the field and the office. Delran has produced quality and professional projects each time that I have worked with them. Additionally, their projects are produced within all time and budget constraints.”

“Most recently Delran is presently working with the Merck Project Team in completing the interiors for our 350,000 square feet, Building No. 97, Broad Street West Office Project at the West Pointe, PA site.”

“Delran Builders Company, Inc. has consistently dealt with Merck & Co., Inc. in and honest and fair manner. I personally recommend Delran Builders Company, Inc. They will continue to be a contractor of choice for us in the future.”

Hempfield Church

“While building our Youth and Children’s Center, we found Delran Builders, Inc. to fulfill our greatest expectations. They were not only committed to producing an excellent building, but did so in a professional and efficient manner. As a result of their high standards, we have a timely, well-built facility with which we are quite pleased.”

“It is with sincerity that I offer my highest recommendation of their work”

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