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John Roberts House, Joseph Ambler Inn

The “John Roberts House” was origi­nally built in 1794 by Squire John Rob­erts who helped to settle Montgomery Township, PA. The house is on the township historical list and was to have been used as the home for the township historical society. In 2003 the owner of the Joseph Ambler Inn became involved with the building and decided to move it from its original location to his site ap­proximately two miles away. Delran be­came involved immediately and helped select the architect for the project. In less that seven months the building was restored and an addition totaling fifteen guestrooms and multiple meet­ing rooms was completed. The original paint colors for the guestrooms were duplicated and the addition was de­signed in such a fashion as to appear as though it had been attached for years. Many structural obstacles and site issues had to be overcome to complete the proj­ect. Delran, working as a team with the architect, engineers and owner, was able to resolve these items and complete the job on time and under budget.

Owner:        Richard Allman
Architect:  H.W. Hilles

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