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Highland Avenue Apartments – Yonkers, NY

This project included a complete renovation of a 13-story apartment building, which was 85% occupied. The project required accurate scheduling and coordination with the property management company. All mechanical systems were upgraded, including installation of state-of-the-art heating and hot water boilers, as well as conversion of the electrical system from a one-meter system to individual apart­ment metering. Additionally, Delran Builders equipped the building with a fire alarm system and it now has a fully operational sprinkler system. The two existing elevators were completely refurbished.

A four-story parking garage, which had been condemned because of lack of mainte­nance for over ten years, was fully renovated and is now in daily use.

The final cost of this project was developed through a value engineering program in which Delran worked hand-in-hand with the Owner and his representatives to maintain the original budget.

Owner:         Roizman & Associates/D.B.A. Yonkers Associates L.P.
Architect:   GGK & Associates

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