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Gim San Plaza – Philadelphia, PA

The Gim San project was built for and by the people of Chinatown after almost 20 years of negotiations with the City of Philadelphia. This project added 28 residential living spaces and 14 commercial spaces to the local enviroment.

Although the Chinatown community was able to overcome the political aspects of build­ing this project, the economic constraints and site problems almost prevented this project from being built.
Delran Builders worked with the bankers, city officials, state agencies and architect to reduce the cost of construction. This was accomplished by the utilization of innovative building ideas, such as substitution of concrete plank with a laminated truss joist system.

Site problems, such as excavation and shoring an entire city block, which had been filled with debris from previous structures, as well as the construction of a cantilever foundation system over the city commuter tunnel, made this a very challenging experience.

Owner:          Philadelphia Chinese Development Corporation
Architect:    The Martin Organization

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