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Dalton Hall, Bryn Mawr College

Built in 1892, Dalton Hall was the first building built on the campus of Bryn Mawr College for women’s only studies. The building square footage is approximately 35,000. The construction consisted of interior brick walls with a stone veneer exterior. The two wall systems are independent of each other. The floors are framed with massive hickory beams and wooden planks. The roof is made of wood trusses in the center section and a combination of wood and steel trusses at each end of the building. The new design called for all interior partitions, with the exception of some chase walls and masonry walls to be completely removed. A new steel superstructure was erected within the existing building skin. The area behind the building, between Dalton and Guild Hall, was completely excavated so that the two buildings are tied together on the ground floor level. A new Schucco aluminum curtainwall system was erected as a focal centerpiece surrounding the main stairtower. The system is extremely interesting and intricate. The parts were designed and constructed in Germany and shipped as units to the jobsite for erection.

The entire site was reworked to facilitate the new design of the building on this prominent corner of the campus.

Owner:            Bryn Mawr College
Architect:      MGA Partners

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