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Daimler Chrysler Financial Center

Delran Builders completed the construction of this 60,000 sq. ft., two-story call center in a mere eight months. The project started in December, so work was complicated by be­ing performed in the winter months.

The building is a state-of-the-art call center for Chrysler Financial Services. The space includes seating for over 500 employees. Amenities include a fully operational game room, lunch bistro, loading dock, mail room, lounge areas, and conference rooms. The interior common walls are adorned with Chrysler decals, which depict various vehi­cles from throughout the company’s history. The center staircase is a custom-built, curved stainless steel and glass stair tower and is a vital feature to the space. There is a large Town Hall area located on the first floor just outside the kitchen/vending space. This room is set up to house a meeting for all em­ployees and has surround sound, video walls, and other amenities to service a function of this magnitude. Half of the space is open to the second floor, but can be sealed off with a rolling glass window feature for privacy.

The exterior of the building is well land­scaped and lit up with specialty lighting. The rear area consists of pavers and a ra­dius courtyard featuring a functioning water fountain.

Owner:         BPG Properties
Architect:   Wulff Architects

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