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Arcadia University – Mirror Room

Delran Builders completed the restoration and preservation of the century old Mirror Room. The Mirror Room is a ballroom in the historic Grey Towers Castle which is the centerpiece of Arcadia’s campus. The Mirror Room interior was pre-constructed in the 1890’s in France disassembled, crated and shipped to Glenside. The ceiling consists of very ornate plaster trims and a 16 ft. by 17 ft. oval paint­ing that depicts angles and cupids for the four seasons of the year. The painting is unique in that it was painted on a single canvas cloth and installed in one piece. The project involved removing, preserving and reinstalling the painting in one piece while completely removing and reconstructing the ceiling to its original form.

The project team removed the painting in one piece, rolled and stored it on a 30” sonotube and reinstalled and restored the paint finishes to their original condition. The ceiling was completely reconstructed. Rubber molds were cast of the ceiling or­namental trims for fabrication off site and were reinstalled and finish painted. The brass lighting fixtures were also removed, refurbished, and reinstalled.

Owner: Arcadia University
Architect: John Milner Associates

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